Hello, I’m Lauren.

I have been a health practitioner since 2001. I believe true personal health requires a holistic approach.

Health has always been a high priority in my life. I grew up on a farm with free thinking parents who taught me that health and happiness were paramount.

In choosing my profession, I knew I liked to be active and that I wanted to have a positive influence in peoples lives. To me, there is nothing more wonderful than living inside a health mind and body.
I was lucky enough to be study the Diploma of Health Science & additional Diploma of Remedial Massage locally. Also blessed to study under ‘wealth of information’ coordinator Christine Groves!
I have always worked under my own banner, alongside other therapists at Tribal Dreaming, in conjunction with Chiropractors in Broome, at a healing centre in Collie and other studios. My love for health, the human body and learning has never waivered and I’m so happy to be offering my services to you.

I’m a keen lover of sports and fitness. Your body loves to move and the physiological benefits of that are mental, physical and emotional. I will work with you using the principles of human movement and a sound knowledge of musculoskeletal function to help provide strength & flexibility to your body in the direction of optimal health.

It is my strong belief that you are the most invested party in your own health. Each physician can be a wonderful resource for your own health ‘trick bag’, the same as a gentle walk, a heat pack, some triggers points. I encourage you to be the firm, confident driver in your own health journey.

My studio is white and serene, private and cosy. It’s a place you can escape to, come back to the basics, to give back to your body. You know the thing that we keep on pushing, let’s give a little back.

I am also a mother, a partner, a wedding photographer, an explorer, an inquisitive learner.  Constantly striving for my own personal balance. My aim is to continue to learn about all things health with the ability of living the best life possible as my driving force! Taking limited remedial sessions but giving the best of myself at the same time.

So Hello and if I sound like the right fit for you… give me a call. More about my services & prices here.

Serving Albany, WA & the Great Southern